Bold Eagle: Bold Eagle offspring in Sweden

28 winners in Sweden between 1 May and 31 May. In the same time it was 17 winners in France!

And of course we start this month, June, with a new Swedish winner.
Today 4 yo PILA HÅLERYD won at Boden with the driver Micael Melander!!

Names and dates are listed below.

Winners in Europe 1/5 to 31/5:

(With a risk that I missed someone)

Sweden: 28

S.G. Dracarys 31/5 16/5

Nelsonbrighteagle 31/5

The Flying Eagle 30/5

Koku Boko 30/5

Ninepoints Birdie 29/5

Global Destiny 25/5

Bold Request 24/5

Chimi 23/5 and 9/5

Adriatica 22/5 won in the debut

Hobart 22/5

Itso Sisu 21/5

Global Bodyguard 19/5

Silent Eagle 17/5

Nelsonbrighteagle 31/5 17/5

Bold Knick 15/5 6/5

Champ Lane 12/5

Timotejs Megabyte 12/5

With Wings 10/5

Honfleur Mearas 11/5

The Eagle 9/5

Vasco 9/5

Dancer Brodde 6/5 won Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal Gr. I 

Global Currency 3/5

Pila Håleryd 2/5 (She won also today 1/6)


Finland: 1

Informed Am 12/5


Norway: 2

Nelsonbrighteagle   6/5

Bold Future 5/5


Denmark: 1

Gaya de Pervence 16/5

Germany: 1

Gold and Green 29/5


Belgium: 1

Costello OE 17/5


Italy: 3

Encantador Laksmy 20/5 and 5/5 photo

Eagle Eyes 2/5

France: 17

Harmonist 29/5 and 15/5

Ibiza Bella 29/5

Katinka Gema 29/5 (number 400!!)

Ialta de Vandel 28/5

Isla Jet 27/5

Jushua Tree 26/5 and 6/5 BOTH RACE WAS GR III

Gourgandine 24/5

Gaultheria 25/5

Jet Jet Jet 24/5 and 1/5

Hera d´ Atout 18/5

Gratte Ciel 15/5

Karma de Bertrange 14/5

Kristal Josselyn 13/5

Island Star 11/5


Bold Eagle has 402 winners in France. ( 9 million Euro)

4 two-yo are qualified in France.

Bold Eagle is available in France Trotting
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Bold Eagle: Katinka Gema, number 400!!

400 winners / 9 million Euro

Bold Eagle offspring, Katinka Gema is number 400! She won PRIX LA SOCIETE DES COURSES DE THOUARS today at Hippodrome Thouars with the driver Benjamin Rochard.

We congrats Bold Eagle, we congrats KATINKA GEMA and of course the trainer Marc Sassier, owner / breeder Marie-Annick Sassier!!
The mother is Reedite Gede 1.11,4 (Buvetier d´Aunou) She is also mother to Harley Gema 1'13"1/172 000 € (Bold Eagle)

Winners in Europe:


Global Destiny

Bold Request


Adriatica won in the debut


Itso Sisu

Global Bodyguard

Silent Eagle

Nelson Bright Eagle

S.G. Dracarys

Bold Knick

Champ Lane

Timotejs Megabyte

With Wings

Honfleur Mearas

The Eagle





Informed AM



Gaya de Pervence


Encantador Laksmy


Costello O.E.


Iniesta AM



Ialta de Vandel

Isla Jet

Jushua Tree GR III winner



Jet Jet Jet

Hera d´ Atout


Gratte Ciel

Karma de Bertrange

Kristal Josselyn

Island Star

Bold Eagle has 400 winners in France. ( 9 million Euro)

Four 2-yo are qualified in France
Bold Eagle is available in France Trotting
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Tel: +46(0)722218270

Royal Dream: Hohneck won Elitloppet 2023

Hohneck won Elitloppet 2023

Royal Dream  offspring, Hohneck, won Elitloppet 2023  at Solvalla/Sweden, with the driver Gabriele Gelormini.  ⏱1.08.9
We congrats the trainer/owner Philippe and Gitte Allaire at Haras de Bouttemont.
The breeders Jean Pierre Guay and of course the mother of Hohneck, Caranca 1'14"5 (Ready Cash)

Hohneck is available at France Trotting.
Contact Francois Jamier at: Tel: +46(0)722218270


Extra info: Go on Boy second place on Elitloppet!
He is available at France Trotting.


Royal Dream got also 2 winners today in Italy.

Last winners in Europe are:


Cante Chico (photo)

Calipso SBF

Cara Y Cruz





Giant Dream


Here We Go

In To Marancourt

Ginger Love


Kina de Wallis

Honneur  de Bry

Je Me Souviens

Giant Dream

Hakon du Vivier

Enzo d´Essarts

Bahia del Circeo X 2

Jamima Bond


Royal Dream  has 1027 winners in France (21.000.000 Euro)

2 yo Lackawanna and Folie de la Cote are qualified in France

Royal Dream is available in France Trotting
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Tel: +46(0)722218270

Django Riff: Jazzy Perrine won Delicious lopp GR II

Django Riff offspring, Jazzy Perrine won Delicious lopp - Fyraåringseliten Ston GR II today at Solvalla with the driver Björn Goop.
New record 1.09.0/1640!!
We congrats the trainer Tomas Malmqvist, the breeder Jean Francois Mary and the owners Ecurie Hunter Valley!!
The mother is Trendy Perrine (Goetmals Wood)


Winners in Europe:



Jazzy Perrine GR II winner

Izor Sisu

Fusion Eagra

Conrads Anette

Bottnas Idol

Glamour Merci

Ville C.D.

Ivory Am X 2

Diane P.Hill

Timeless Sunset

Jaqueline Sisu

Ville C.D.

Grab the Moment




Jazzlyne Exclusive



Golden Simon X 2

Graud Larose X 4 photo






Lozano Boko X 3



Juan Perrine

Katia de Paris

Kenzo Danois

Jaguar de Laumar

Just be Yourself

Isis du Leard

In Love Gede

Insula Perrine

Kalinda du Parc

Jazz Melody

Indigo Pierji

Kloe Rebelle

Kissoya de Guez

Ideal Dancer X 2

Into the Mystic

Java de Banville

Initiale Castelets

India Song

Kronos du Klau

Ivory Perrine

Carloforte Font

Inky Perrine

Implora Mauzun X 2



Django Riff  has 152 winners in France (3.000.000 Euro)

Django Riff is available in France Trotting
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Up and Quick: Condior won Speedrace in Sweden!!

Up and Quick offspring, Condior won M.T.Insiders Speedrace. Both Heat 1 and the final with the driver Björn Goop!
Big congrats to the trainer Jörgen Westholm and the owner/breeder Travtränare Håkan (Hockey) Eriksson AB, m fl.

The mother is Aquarelle Elegance 12,9 (Lindy´s Crown)

Winners in Europe are:



Condior won Engelins - M.T.Insiders Speedrace Heat nr 1 + Final at Solvalla

Hot Lane

Hvenhilda Quick X 2

Kingslyer Pellini X 2

Humanity Pellini X 2

Gloire d´Empire

Indigo Brick



Quick Lunch



Kivarin Quickstep

BWT Dictator

Gal Gadot Racing (photo from


Epico Louis

Eagle Wise L (photo)

Inola du Mont



Ismee Dieschoot

Green du Pommereux



Bossa Nova



Joker Madrik

Idylle du Chatault

Irrestible Piya

Indiana Mesloise

Jais Black

Fougue du Dollar

Hold Up Crazy

Howdy Quick


Jazz de Padd X 2

Hurricane River

Justin Tresor

Ideal de Nganda

Hurricane River

Hold up Dream

Jappeloup Turgot

Hot Spot Quick

Hasard d´Erable

Iliade du Goutier

Kalmia Quick

Jazz Venus


Up and Quick has 463 winners in France. ( 8 million Euro)

4 2 yo are qualified in France.
Up and Quick is available in France Trotting
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Tel: +46(0)722218270


Idao de Tillard is back on the track!!!

Idao de Tillard won PRIX JEAN RIAUD Gr III yesterday at Vincennes with the driver Clément Duvaldestin.
The trainer is Thierry Duvaldestin. 🙂
The mother is America de Tillard  (First the Retz)


5 yo Idao de Tillard have now 20 wins / 961 430 €

He is available in fresh and frozen semen at France Trotting!!
Info in Swedish and Inglish : IDAO DE TILLARD

Tel: +46(0)722218270

Bird Parker: Good results in Belgium!!


Bird Parker had five starters yesterday at Waregem in Belgium :
Melting Pot - winner
Nanbora - winner
NIce Present - winner
Piper Oyghe - winner (Penelope Parker second in the same race)
Enterprise Wise L won at the same time Premio Scuderia Mirabello with the driver Andrea Farolfi in Italy!
Green de Larre won, again, in Spain!

Other winners in Europe are:


Je t´Adore

Global Discovery


Mateo di Quattro (photo as a yearling)

Ranby Lavec


Readly Lavec X 2



Havana Sotto


Lake´s Edina

Interlude Ferm X 2



Piper Oyghe

Melting Pot (old photo)

Nice Present (winner in Belgium AND FRance)

Nanbora X 2

Ragazza du Chene X 2


The Netherlands:

Luciano Lobell X 2



Jazzy Jane



Västerbo Garonne

Heartbeat Ice



Green de Larre X 3

Ji Hem Colibri VX (photo)



Enterprise Wise L


Dardo degli Dei




Horsy Royal

Habanero de Viette


Joyau de Rem

Kindy Perrine

Helium de l´Iton

Hispano du Reynard

Jos Masa

Isocrates d´Ela

Iron Parker

Kobra Burois

Illa Bong


Irish Parker

Klarck de Vandel

Icare de Champs

Gamay de l´Iton X 2

Ipso du Fer


Beat Generation

Nice Present

I Feel Pretty

In the Mood Gede

Garuda Fligny

Helios des Racques X 2

Jakady Sly

Jonah Lomu

Kentucky Piya

Helite Eleven

Hussard du Landret

Gamay de l´Iton

Harbourg d´Orgeres

Iron Parker



Bird Parker has (in France) 416 winners ( 10.000.000 Euro)

2 yo LALYLY BEY, LOUISIANE DELO and LIVE ON are now qualified in France.

Bird Parker is available in France Trotting
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Bold Eagle: Dancer Brodde won Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal GR I

Dancer Brodde won Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal GR I

Bold Eagle offspring, Dancer Brodde, won Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal today at Åby/Sweden with the trainer and driver Johan Untersteiner. Bedazzled Sox (Brillantissime) third in the same race.

He took today his fifth win in a row after leading the race from start to finish. He also has two GR I wins.
We congrats the breeder Brodda Stuteri, the owner Stens Trot AB!!
The mother is Dancing in Thehall 1.09.9 ( Cantab Hall)

Winners in Europe:


Dancer Brodde won

Bold Knick X2 (Six wins in a row)

Global Currency

Pila Håleryd

Itso Sisu

Timotejs Megabyte

S.G. Drakarys

Eva Aloha

Dancer Brodde  Photo Adam Ström/


Nelson Bright Eagle

Bold Future

Vitro Diablo X 2 (photo)


Golden Rain



Informed Am

Bridge Commander (photo)


Costello O.E.



Eagle Eyes

Decimus Bond

Encantador Laksmy X 2 (photo)


Jushua Tree GR III winner

Jet Jet Jet


Jamaica Island

Bold Eagle has 387 winners in France. ( 8 million Euro)
Bold Eagle is available in France Trotting
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Bold Eagle: Dancer Brodde qualified to Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal

Bold Eagle: Dancer Brodde qualified to Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal

Bold Eagle offspring, Dancer Brodde, took his fifth win in the last six starts yesterday, an qualified to Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal with the driver Johan Untersteiner!

Dancer Brodde 1.11,5/2 399 000 kr won Breeders' Crown GR I 2022.

His mother is Dancing in Thehall 1.09,9/1 304 154 kr  (Cantab Hall)

We congrats the breeder Brodda Stuteri, the owner Stens Trot AB, Nacka Strand and the trainer Johan Untersteiner!!!

Dancer Brodde + mainphoto. Photo Adam Ström/


Other winners in Europe are:



Dancer Brodde qualified to Kungapokalen

Yin Yang won Uttagningslopp Breeders Course 3 years old 2023 First Final

Mellby Kaliber

Kipling River

Vikens Bonjour

Timotejs Megabyte

With Wings

Bold Knick X 2 four wins in a row

Jackpot Sisu

Global Classified

Beyonce Face

Power Håleryd

Global Delicious

King of Twilight



Bridge Commander



Nelson Bright Eagle

Striking Eagle



Destiny Effe

Decimus Bond

Eye´s Black

Catman di Celle



Costello O.E.



Kraken Catelets

Galant de Carel

Island Star


Hold up Digeon

Handy Jet

Jushua Tree

Hexode de Felliere

Jaguara Bella

Justin Face

Kassica du Goutier


Bold Eagle has 383 winners in France. ( 8 million Euro)
Bold Eagle is available in France Trotting
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Tel: +46(0)722218270

Brillantissime: Bedazzled Sox qualified to Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal

Brillantissime: Bedazzled Sox qualified to Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal

Brillantissime offspring, Bedazzled Sox, qualified to Konung Gustaf V:s Pokal yesterday at Åby/Sweden with the driver Torbjörn Jansson after leading the race from start to finish 🙂
Bedazzled Sox 1.10,9/5 080 000 kr was nominated to the three-year-old of the year in Sweden last year.(2022)
His mother is Out of the Kitchen 1.12,7 ( Here Comes Herbie )
We congrats the breeder Boholm Joakim, Holm Tom&Mitchell Craig, owner SRF stable and the trainer Roger Walmann!!

Bedazzled Sox is born at Långeruds Gård. We also congrats Madelen and Torbjörn Ohlzon!

Mainphoto the italian Ellington Treb from Sandro Tinarelli

Other winners in Europe are:


Bedazzled Sox qualified to Kungapokalen

Perfect Star

Global Dubhe

Immortal Doc

Urbina Southwind

Global Dictator

Global Billboard




Barkov Evo (photo)

Stonecapes Unity



Blue Spirit

Thai Ohio (photo)






Perfect Dream



Dangerous Glory

Dada Bada

Emerson Grif

Desiderio d´Arc X 2

Ellington Treb (photo Sandro Tinarelli)



Coach degli Dei




Jackson d´Ecajeul

Kingsman Delo

Kind of You

Jeremice Merite

Just d´Acadie

Joie Intense


Brillantissime has, in France, 337 winners ( 8 Million Euro)

Brillantissime is available in France Trotting
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Tel: +46(0)722218270